CertAssure COI Tracking

Certificate of Insurance Tracking

Vendor Compliance Simplified

Industries We Serve

  • Construction
  • Property Management
  • Trucking /Logistics
  • Energy / Utilities
  • Hospitality
  • Special Events
  • Franchise Management

Protect Your Business From Costly Claims

If you are collecting certificates just to confirm they are received you have no guarantee that your requirements are being met.  

 With CertAssure licensed agents  review your certificates using current industry knowledge to ensure compliance.   

The Importance of Certificate of Insurance Management

The financial impact of even one claim or lawsuit can be devastating to a company.  Non-compliant vendors, tenants, subcontractors and suppliers put your company’s financial strength at risk every day.

What We Do

Simplify Insurance Tracking

Our streamlined process of certificate management combines an easy to use cloud-based software program with a knowledge bank of licensed insurance professionals to simplify the tracking process.  Our smart technology automates the process and allows you a single place to quickly view your COIs and guage compliance for all projects, a specific project or individual vendors.  We can even integrate with your existing software from Procore, MRI, Sage300 and Viewpoint, and others, to seamlessly integrate  COI tracking into your current process. 

Automated Certificate Management

Chasing down certificates of insurance isn’t fun for anyone, and more likely than not, unless you’re a licensed and practicing insurance agent, your system isn’t very accurate either.  Our system automates the process by working directly with your vendors’ insurance agents, backing it up with a team of licensed insurance professionals working on your behalf, and putting it all together in one convenient portal to check on your compliance status at a glance.

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